About us
MG Enterprises has established a presence in the Cyprus IT Market over the past five years, and has maintained a reputation of professionalism and courteousness.  
As a wholly owned subsidiary of CBN Group, we utilize the strengths and resources of our Parent company to offer our clients an overall better service and product.  
At MG, we don't want to simply exchange products with our clients, we want to offer our clients a complete solution for their IT Needs.  Take the time to review our Products and Services to see how we can better serve you.  
It's not just about selling products at MG, it's about providing a complete Service.  We don't simply install your server with it's software, we actually setup and configure your server to run at it's optimal best.  And it does not stop at your server, we configure your network to run at it's best.      
At MG you will find consultants that know what they are doing, so that they can best advise you on your needs.